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Digital Signage


Digital Signage

AIC offers digital signage for day-to-day communications that could be leveraged for emergency communications. Our systems can either be stand-alone of offered as part of our fully integrated C4-SitePro platform.

Product Overview: 

  • Visually communicate with all recipients at once.
  • Automatically interrupt regular programming with pre-recorded visual instructions for any emergency.
  • Integrates with other forms of mass notification.

Product Features:

  • Control all media from your desktop or mobile app.
  • Pre-record media for everyday use or situation-specific emergencies.
  • Interrupt regular programming to launch emergency alerts and instructions.
  • Turn LCDs on and off and select the correct source input.
  • Preschedule advertising, presentations, announcements, and branding videos.
  • Integrates with fire alarm, door, and card access and shooter detection systems to provide immediate alerts and instructions.

Product Benefits: 

  • Effective in noisy environments.
  • Attracts attention and appeals to visual learners.
  • Emergency information reaches everyone and is clearer when alarms and instructions are automatically communicated via multiple forms of communication (e.g. visual signs, intercom, PC pop-ups, etc.).
  • Regular, non-emergency communication can be pre-scheduled for lobbies, waiting rooms, public venues, and classrooms.
  • Automated emergency communication and mass notification eliminates searching, confusion, and panic and can save lives.
  • Powerpoints, videos, web pages and more supported.

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