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Citywide Surveillance

Intelligent Video Surveillance

Citywide Surveillance

Video Analytics (as defined by Wikipedia) is the science of analyzing video to detect and determine temporal events not based on a single image. It is used in a wide range of domains including entertainment, care, retail, automotive, transport, domestic, safety, and security. The algorithms can be implemented as software on general-purpose machines, or as hardware in specialized video processing units.

Many different functionalities can be implemented in Video Analytics. Video Motion Detection is one of the simpler forms where motion is detected with regard to a fixed background scene. More advanced functionalities include tracking and ego-motion estimation.

Based on the internal representation that Video Analytics generates in the machine, it is possible to build other functionalities, such as identification, behavior analysis or other forms of situation awareness.

Video Analytics relies on good input video, so it is often combined with video enhancement technologies such as stabilization, contrast enhancement, and superresolution.

AIC has advanced training in video analytic applications and can work with unique applications to determine the best solution from a wide range of analytic products and suites.

Wide area surveillance in marine environments is our specialty.

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