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Mobile Solutions

AIC is proud to be a partner with Mobile Pro Systems on mission-critical applications. Mobile Pro Systems offers premier mobile surveillance solutions for your business or organization. Their modular designs provide reliable rapid deployment, and control features that keep you informed and your hardware operating. Our Mobile Pro Systems utilize smart combinations of security technologies and reliable power configurations so you can focus on your priority tasks and not worry about maintaining your systems.

MPS offers a family of different network/IP based Mobile Video Surveillance systems utilized by many government and commercial entities. MPS utilizes network-based video cameras, video management and recording systems, wireless mesh, cellular communications, solar power and video analytics as fully integrated solutions. These products are an excellent ‘re-deployable asset’ for securing construction sites, utilities or any other facilities deemed as needing ‘critical infrastructure protection’ or CIP’s. The ‘securing’ of these remote, hard to secure areas is being strongly enhanced through the use of our solutions by providing both live/recorded video & alarm solutions – monitored and viewed both at the site and from remote locations. “The Crime” moves…the cameras move!

All of our Mobile Surveillance solutions are 100% Made in the U.S.A.

How Does Mobile Surveillance Work?

We accomplish full mobile surveillance through a variety of solution sets including, surveillance trailers and pole-mounted security containers.

Surveillance Trailers

The Commander 3400 mobile surveillance trailer powers your security, network and communications technologies. Perfect for short-term deployment situations while rugged enough for long-term use in the field. Our tool-less, one-person setup allows for rapid deployment. Ideal for law enforcement, crowd control, military, emergency management, transportation providers or DOTs, education, mining, construction and more.

Functions & Features

  • Long-Term Deployments
  • Automatic Generator Charge System
  • Electric Brakes
  • Extreme Temperature Option
  • High Power Capabilities
  • On-Board Storage for Cameras
  • Simple Operation/Tool-less Deployment
  • Extreme Platform Stability
  • Solar RUN Charging System
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Remote Status and Control
  • Highly Configurable
  • Tactical Applications
  • Video Management Systems
  • System Status Notifications
  • Optional Video Analytics


Pole-Mounted Security Containers

Video surveillance and communication technologies installed right where and when you need them! The Power Sentry 6000, a pole or wall-mounted outdoor security camera system, is easily installed with a universal bracketing system on light poles and sides of buildings or structures. Hook it over a fence or roof, hang it on a building parapet, or even set it up on a tripod. Just power up and go!

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