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Situational Awareness/Operational Readiness Technology

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Priority 5’s TACCS™

AIC is a proven provider of Priority 5’s TACCS™ technology and is the primary provider for the entire Gulf Coast region.

AIC understands the complexity of situational awareness/operational readiness and works with clients to help them attain the best possible solution for their individual needs. Our answers to their questions are not limited by the products we represent but are sometimes addressed by our pre-selected teams of outside resources and experts in every facet of the security industry. AIC offers the following technologies as components of a total Situational Awareness/Operational Readiness Solutions platform

  • Command and Control Systems by TACCS™
  • Video Analytics
  • Access Control Systems
  • Extreme Video Surveillance
  • Effects Analysis Tools
  • Geospatial Custom Overlay Applications

Command and Control Systems by TACCS™ Unique Solution – Unique Capabilities: 

P5’s Touch Assisted Command and Control System (TACCS™) is a state-of-the-art net-centric data aggregation, situational awareness, and decision support system that fuses knowledge of current operational status with powerful consequence analysis functionality, delivering a real-time geospatial framework used for event planning, and to manage critical operations. TACCS™ also affords the user with powerful research, modeling, and training capabilities.

How Situational Awareness/Operational Readiness Solutions Should Work

Solution Description: Priority 5 has taken a more holistic approach in developing the TACCS™ software suite. While others focus on integrating specific technical components Priority 5 focuses on the mission of situational awareness and how technology can be best developed, configured and leveraged to support that mission. As a result of beginning with that point of view, we have developed a true geospatial operating platform providing the capability for the end-user to direct the use of the system for specific usage scenarios by selecting the sources of data to provide the system, and by enabling or adding to the functionality of the tools to be used within the system. In addition to the tools that are packaged with TACCS™, the software features an open architecture that can be extended by incorporating third-party tools to address specific needs of the end-user, thus enabling the end-user to customize the system using the best available technologies from multiple sources.

Key Improvements/Novel Ideas: Truly interactive dynamic common operating picture showing interdependencies and cascading impacts of events or incidents on critical infrastructure assets and key resources.

Client Outcomes:

  • Enhanced mission capability and operational benefits such as:
  • Executive communications, situational awareness, and decision support
  • Advanced incident management capabilities
  • Enhanced business continuity/resiliency
  • Advanced research, training, and decision support capabilities:
    • Decision Support Tool (DST)
    • Consequence analysis Cascading impacts (interdependency modeling)
    • Event planning
    • Recovery planning

Awards 2013 National Award: American Association of Port Authorities’ 2013 Information Technology Award

Select TACCS™ Deployments: • Port Fourchon • FEMA National Capital Region (NCR) • AMTRAK • Department of Defense (DoD) • Washington DC Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency • New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness/Port of NY/NJ • Arizona Counter-Terrorism Intelligence Center • Navajo Nation Department of Public Safety

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