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Intelligent Security and Access Controls

Integrating Multiple Systems

Intelligent Security and Access Controls

Protecting your business today is far more advanced over the days when you opened the door of your establishment and had to run to the back of the building to turn off the alarm before the siren sounded. Today’s systems now have the ability to integrate with multiple systems having a barrage of functions.


We can design the system that best suits your facility’s particular needs. From quick wireless system installations covering two points to complex systems covering entire manufacturing facilities meeting DOD requirements, AIC has the ability, training and most importantly, the past performance to see your system through from start to completion. Our systems have the ability to grow with you as your needs grow. We design and install systems that take your potential future growth into consideration because we understand the importance of integrating security, video, access control, fire, and other protective systems.


AIC stays on the leading edge of video surveillance technologies by constantly reviewing new products and speaking with engineers and developers of the industry giants. We understand the importance of bringing new solutions to the front of our projects but do so only after we have a high level of confidence in the new application. This fight to stay on the front of a fast-moving industry segment provides you with access to the most current, solid ideas for your project. We have an internal pledge to conduct our due diligence and weed out all “vaporware” and only present our clients with high-quality products. Our video systems give our clients a wide range of functions and features including the ability to view and record events in multiple areas of your facility and are often used to monitor work habits and safety compliance. See how our systems can help you lower your liability and insurance expenses, control shrinkage, provide effective deterrence to crime and help you manage your business more effectively.

Access Control

Our access control systems not only keep certain areas protected from unauthorized persons, they also can provide you with important management information from their robust software reporting capabilities. We understand that these access control systems should be integrated with other security systems to give you the best return on your investment. We can design and install systems from a simple two-door application at a small office building to a multi-door/multi-facility complexes located miles apart.

AIC can design your next system with a true IP solution with IT-centric products that lead the way in intelligent door access. We bring security and IT together by providing the management tools that are comfortable in both environments. Our intelligent solutions can be implemented with a single door application to a large host environment.

HID Smart Cards – Commercial Solutions

From large corporate enterprises and medium-sized companies to small firms, businesses of varying sizes around the world are realizing the power of smart cards beyond physical access. Unlike the commonly used photo ID badge, a smart card is essentially a tiny computer, capable of containing its own processor and providing 128 KB of memory. Smart cards can now incorporate an embedded photo, a PIN or password, and application data along with a biometric (such as fingerprints or iris scans).

With the increased capabilities, companies are using smart cards for logical access, multi-factor identification, time/attendance, debit functions, cashless vending and subject history – all in one card.

A single HID Global smart card can be configured to support an individual business’ needs, whether basic or more sophisticated, for either centralized card issuance or networked for distributed issuance across different locations. Corporations can further extend the use of these secure smart cards to cost-effectively and conveniently solve additional business problems that occur in the future as the cards “do more than just open the door.”

HID Smart Cards – State and Local Government Solutions

State and local-levels of government encompass a complex, multi-tiered mixture of services-from public safety to transit systems to parks and recreation- requiring several key components that encompass their access control and security systems including ID card printers/encoders, software, card readers, programmers, and card production services. Due to the heightened security requirements at all levels of government, the complexity of the state and local government infrastructure combined with relentless budget pressure, finding the right security solution for a specific municipality might seem nearly impossible.

HID Global offers a wide variety of affordable and innovative solutions for state and local government agencies that address the multiple layers of security requirements.

HID Global’s smart cards not only protect against alterations and counterfeiting, they also protect your entire card issuance process from internal and external security threats. This greatly reduces fraud, abuse and ultimately, costs.

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