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Covert Surveillance

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Covert Surveillance

AIC offers a variety of covert surveillance products ideal for law enforcement, oil and gas, utilities, border patrol, construction sites, parks, storage yards, parking lots, ports and marinas, and anywhere discreet outdoor video surveillance is needed.

A popular covert application with numerous deployments is our covert pole camera unit which is a complete HD video surveillance system hidden in a rugged covert housing that resembles a power transformer and easily mounts on a utility pole. When fully equipped, it features an advanced 4G LTE cellular data modem for live monitoring and remote camera control, and an onboard PC for 24/7 recording, fast retrieval of key video, and a bandwidth-friendly performance. Its discreet appearance makes it an ideal tool for covert surveillance and security operations.

Our company owners are experienced veteran law enforcement officers with an extensive background in covert operations and work closely with our clients to provide the support needed to make the installation and operation absolutely covert.

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