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Meet the Team

Executive Team

Craig Noel

CEO / Co-Owner

Email: craig@getaic.com

Craig is the Chief Executive Officer of American Integration Contractors, LLC. He has founded several security firms during the past twenty-five years and has a passion for security technologies.

Craig is a retired police officer and was recognized with the Law Officer of the Year Award by several prestigious associations for his outstanding achievements in law enforcement. Craig has worked as an investigator, intelligence officer, and training officer during his career in that field. His background in law enforcement, coupled with his knowledge in custom delivery of advanced electronic security technologies to first responders has allowed him to assist with the development of unique and important technical deployments.

Todd Mouton

Vice President / Co-Owner

Email: todd@getaic.com

Todd is the Chief Operating Officer of American Integration Contractors, LLC with a strong tactical background in law enforcement.

Todd is a purple heart recipient and has attained a wealth of police and fire awards including a coveted life savings award. Todd has over 16 years of experience in S.W.A.T. Team Tactics. He was an Adjunct Instructor for such basic/in-service topics as Firearms, Defensive Tactics, Investigation, and Patrol Operations. He is cross-trained and experienced in U.S. Custom’s Blue Lightning Operations and served as a sworn Special Deputy of the U.S. Marshall’s Office for tactical responses /high-risk apprehensions.  He completed training and served as U.S. Army Combat Military Police Officer

Team AIC

Georgia Noel

Chief Financial Officer

Email: accounting@getaic.com

Georgia Noel is Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of American Integration Contractors, LLC. As CFO, Georgia is responsible for all aspects of the Accounting department, focused on growth and sustainable company value.

Georgia was appointed CFO of AIC in its founding year (2000) and has been a steady financial leader for AIC for the past decade.  Under Georgia’s leadership, AIC maintains a healthy financial posture with a steady eye on growth.

Georgia holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Dana Labouve

Accounts Manager

Email: admin@getaic.com

Dana is the Accounts Manager of American Integration Contractors, LLC. As Accounts Manager, Dana is responsible for the daily management of the Administrative Division of AIC.  Dana maintains all aspects of customer accounts and has played an important role in the development of AIC’s service maintenance processes.

Since joining AIC in 2015, Dana has been instrumental in totally revamping AIC’s administrative and service processes. She is focused on streamlining processes that make AIC’s administrative and operational missions mesh in the most efficient manner.

Mark Pippin

Senior Integration Specialist

Email: service@getaic.com

Mark is the lead Senior Integration Specialist of American Integration Contractors, LLC. and is a twenty-plus year industry veteran. Since joining AIC in 2014, Mark has led AIC’s systems integrations efforts across multiple platforms and is well-rounded in all aspects of security systems. Mark currently holds advanced licensing in Milestone VMS, is NICET certified in Fire Alarm and CCTV. He has trained across numerous product lines including Bosch, Vigilant, Identicard, Layered Solutions, Panasonic, Firelite, Verint and Honeywell.

Mark holds licensing in both fire and security.

Thomas Roundtree

Senior Technician

Email: service@getaic.com

Thomas is a Level III Senior Technician for American Integration Contractors, LLC. As Senior Technician, Thomas is responsible for maintaining a variety of system deployments for AIC and ensuring regulatory compliance for AIC’s clients. Thomas is a seasoned industry veteran and specializes in the design and deployment of complex audio-visual systems.

Thomas holds licensing in both fire and security.

Tom Tierney


Email: tom@getaic.com

For the past decade, Mr. Tierney has spearheaded AIC’s promotion of regional collaboration through the deployment of C4 technologies. Mr. Tierney has served on AIC’s Rapid Response Team to support these deployments and plays a major role in the incorporation of innovative technologies such as drone detection.

 Prior to his involvement with AIC, Mr. Tierney was instrumental in the early stages of the development of the Louisiana Optical Network Initiative’s (LONI) and has maintained a strong relationship with Louisiana-based industry, government organizations, and university stakeholders interested in high-end visualization, simulation and modeling, and large scale data management.

 After military service in the U.S. Army, Mr. Tierney studied at Loyola University of Chicago, where he attained his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Personnel (Dual Majors), and has Dual Master’s from Washington University School of Medicine, MHA, Hospital Administration and Health Planning.

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