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Radar Systems for Advanced Security Applications

Doppler Radars

Advanced Security Applications

American Integration Contractors, LLC is the exclusive provider of DMT Radars for Louisiana and the primary provider for the entire Gulf Coast region.

AIC has installed DMT radars in some of the most demanding environments and stands ready to design a radar solution customized to fit just about any need.

Solution Type:

If you’re looking for turn-key solutions security solutions for wide-area surveillance, then our DMT security bundles are the Solution. Our security bundles can be rapidly deployed and come with:

  • DMT commercial radar;
  • Thermal and CCTV camera;
  • DCPM (DMT Camera and Power Module, which provides conditioned power to radar and cameras, fiber and standard wire networking, and video servers);
  • Cables and brackets for towers or poles;
  • 1-year warranty for all products;
  • Remote monitoring software;
  • Electronic manuals and installation documentation
  • 100% tested together before shipping.

How Does Our Radar Systems for Advanced Security Applications Work?

AIC’s Solution through the DMT security bundle not only detects and tracks with the radar but also points cameras automatically at detected objects.   DMT has integrated with FLIR, General Dynamics (Axsys), Pelco, PVP, IEC, EMX, and many other camera products.  We can integrate with new or existing cameras.

AIC delivers a fully integrated package with  Priority 5 TACCS  or can integrate with existing situational awareness systems through DMT’s extensive open-source API. DMT’s alarms can trigger recording of video management solutions, such as Milestone, Axis, Avigilon, Moxa, and more.

Let AIC custom design your system, We conduct full site surveys throughout the Gulf Coast and our team of experts is ready to provide this Solution customized to suit most applications.

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