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Anti-Ram Vehicle Barriers


Vehicle Barriers

AIC delivers world-class security solutions through our partnership with Gibraltar, an AISC Certified manufacturer/fabricator of anti-ram vehicle barriers.  Gibraltar’s innovative products can be found around the world protecting high-value assets, facilities, personnel, and pedestrians.

Our partnership focuses on high-security products to protect borders, perimeters, and governments, including critical infrastructure.  Our products protect industrial and commercial facilities, military bases, prisons, airports, power plants, power substations, refineries, corporate headquarters, and embassies.

Gibraltar excels in creating integrated high security, anti-terrorist fence systems, and our goal is always to meet the needs of their customers and to provide them with better barrier solutions.  Innovative new product lines allow Gibraltar to revolutionize the industry and provide customers with new solutions for asset security.

Gibraltar barriers are designed from the start to meet or exceed all ASTM F2656-07 and HCIS specifications and requirements.

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