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Radar Systems for Vessel Detection & Tracking

Radar Systems

Vessel Detection & Tracking

American Integration Contractors, LLC is the exclusive provider of DMT Radars for Louisiana and the primary provider for the entire Gulf Coast region.

AIC has installed DMT radars in some of the most demanding environments and stands ready to design a radar solution customized to fit just about any need.

Solution Type:

Custom-built radar products capable of providing vessel traffic insights that greatly surpass traditional radar solutions. Traditional radar solutions are only optimized for navigation and vessel traffic management. Some examples of how DMT solutions exceed traditional approaches.

With traditional approaches, the operator normally needs to understand a good bit about radars, and how to make adjustments to the radar settings as weather conditions change.  Sometimes the demands of the technology can be far greater than the expertise of the people assigned to use such systems.   DMT solutions aim to reduce or eliminate that hurdle.  For most weather changes, the radars can self-adjust.  And in the case of extreme weather changes, it’s possible to completely reconfigure the radars with a single mouse click.

With traditional radars, the rotating antenna is exposed to the wind.  When hurricanes or other extreme winds occur, the radar owner is faced with a choice:  park the antenna or risk that the wind will reverse the antenna’s direction and burn out the motor.  DMT offers two highly effective solutions to this problem. (1) Most of DMT’s radars are enclosed in a sealed dome, shielding the antenna from the wind. (2) DMT also offers radars that don’t rotate.  Instead they are fixed – they stare in multiple directions simultaneously.

How Does Our Radar System Work?

Traditional approaches to vessel detection and tracking don’t meet the needs of modern security projects and law enforcement projects to:

  • Keep false alarms and nuisance alarms to a minimum.
  • Require a bare minimum of effort from police officers and security guards.
  • Reduce or eliminate the need for routine maintenance.
  • Minimize the number of technical topics a solution designer must understand.

DMT’s solutions address all of these needs.  They build Pulse Doppler radars in order to keep the false alarms and nuisance alarms to a minimum.  (And they build many other radar technologies as needed.)  DMT designs its radars and software so that system users only need to know a small handful of items.  They use solid-state technologies to nearly eliminate routine maintenance in the first few years of ownership.  DMT packages radars, thermal infrared cameras, software, workstations and more into simple, easy-to-understand bundles that minimize the number of technical topics a solution designer must understand.

DMT solutions include radars for vessel detection, software for creating alerts for security and law enforcement professionals, thermal infrared cameras for nighttime observation, long-range security cameras for daytime observation, software for automatically pointing the cameras at the vessels, and much more.

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