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Stadium Security

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Stadium Security

Situational Awareness is Key to Optimal Stadium Security.

AIC delivers strong situational awareness platforms that integrate and interactively interface with all data streams in real-time, so stadium officials continually evaluate decisions, at every moment and every level of operations.

The faster officials can leverage location intelligence by identifying threats, incidents or malfunctions, the faster they can coordinate an appropriate response. Ensuring a safe, enjoyable experience at events for fans every year is a massive undertaking. To truly improve situational awareness, stadiums and entertainment venues alike need to adopt a unified approach to monitoring key data.

Stadium management teams responsible for weather, security, and facilities, need a viable way to share information and work together to prevent and respond to both minor and major incidents. Our situational awareness tools allow users to visualize their systems on a single screen operating in real-time alongside other rich data from live layers, giving them actionable insight. In the security industry, directors face age-old problems, such as lightning, along with newer threats brought by changes in technology, such as drones. However, their job to keep fans, teams and stadium staff safe is constant. AIC empowers security operators and facility managers to be proactive, helping them streamline daily operations to mitigate extraneous costs, improve the overall fan experience and keep their stadiums secure.

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