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Managed Services


Managed Services

AIC leads the way in providing fully-managed security systems for facilities. Our managed services customers recognize immediate plan benefits through improved competency, recognition of security impact and value, and a reduction in the overall complexity of security. With managed security, our customers are able to focus on strategic security priorities, while we manage the day-to-day threat management, facility protection, and ongoing compliance requirements.

Our managed services plan allows our customers to implement the security systems they need today without the initial upfront investment. Our team works with the client to engineer the best solution for their facility based on-site assessments and then provides the technology and technical support to deploy the system immediately for a fixed monthly fee. We fully support the system and the client has a fixed budgeted amount. No worries, no unanticipated repairs, no expiring technologies….. just fully operational systems custom-designed for their facility. Smart!

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